Safe Word “Tipping The Plates” – SMS Capital City Metalfest

Safe Word performing at the SMS Capital City Metalfest at Southland Ballroom in Raleigh NC on Sunday June 2, 2013.

Safe Word is a punk, thrash, hardcore band from Rocky Mount and Wilson NC.

In BDSM community during the practice of sado-masochism, a “safe word” (usually irrelevant and strange in the context of the sexual situation) is agreed upon by the participating parties to cease the activity.

The “safe word” uttered by the recipient masochist, when he/she can no longer tolerate any more pain administered by the sadist, during a session. Also used to indicate they may need a temporary break in the session.

This is so the submissive partner(s) can say “stop” and “no” as often as they want during the session and use the “safe word” when they actually mean it.

Mike (Pa Bastard) Winslow — vocals
Bo Dangle — guitar
Jeff Badalucco — bass, backing vocals
Cameron King — drums

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