Author Topic: Peavey PV14USB vs. Behringer X2442USB  (Read 1642 times)


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Peavey PV14USB vs. Behringer X2442USB
« on: June 01, 2010, 01:42:32 PM »
Hi everyone.  I\'m looking at two inexpensive mixers, each with 10 xlr inputs and two stereo channels - (the PV14 calls itself a 14 channel mixer, which is perfectly understandable, and the behringer X2442USB, somehow, is a 24 channel mixer... this I don\'t understand,  but don\'t really care either)

The real question I have is one of value versus quality, not to mention reliability... this will be used for small venue gigs.

The Behringer X2442USB appears to have more in the feature department, with subgroups, "one-knob" compression on each of the 8 mono channels, more versatility in the mid-range EQs, etc.  I don\'t have much experience with Behringer equipment, but I notice many wrinkled brows when I mention them... still, discrete onboard compression is tempting.

The Peavey PV14 is, well, it\'s a Peavey.  The mixer my band is replacing is also a Peavey, and it\'s about 40 years old... I guess that alone should be my answer.  It makes me wonder whether I\'m really missing out on features the other mixer boasts.  

My guess is that today\'s Peavey just ain\'t the same as 40 years ago Peavey.  I suspect the two companies each take the same cost saving shortcuts at consumer expense.  With that in mind, can anyone speak about either or both of these and provide your opinions?