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Bass & Guitar Gear to new home
« on: January 03, 2011, 10:24:02 AM »
I got a Peavey XXL, TransTube 3 channel head for sale, very good condition, only been played through a few times in the studio and at home (smoke free), bought it a few years ago from Guitar Center in Raleigh. Never been gigged out. No footswitch. Awesome head, sounds better than most of the newer style heads out here. I\'m getting out of the band game so I need to thin out my collection.
    * 3 fully independent channels
    * 3-band active EQ on ultra channel
    * 3-band passive EQ on clean and lead channels
    * 3-position EQ and gain voicing switches on each channel
    * 100W into 4, 8, or 16 ohms (selectable impedance)
    * Power level switch for 25W, 50W, or 100W operation
    * Damping switch (tight, medium, loose)
    * Footswitchable effects loop with effects level switch
    * Preamp out/power amp in patching jacks
    * Reverb
    * Master volume
    * Classic jeweled pilot light
    * Chromeplated brass control knobs
 Price is firm - $275.00

Peavey Nitrobass 410/115 stack bass amp for sale, gigged out a few times got some minor wear, mainly the glue that holds the tolex is wore and coming undone in a few spots on the back side. Other than that its been in a smoke free home & studio for the past few years.
    * Compact top box design
    * 450 watts into 2 Ω, 300 watts into 4 Ω, 170 watts into 8 Ω
    * Three-band active EQ with shiftable mid-range control
    * Contour control
    * -10 dB pad switch (active/passive pickup switch)
    * Buffered tuner send jack
    * Footswitchable post-EQ effects loop
    * Electronically balanced XLR jack
    * Pre-/Post-EQ send switch for XLR jack
    * Ground lift switch for XLR jack
    * DDT™ speaker protection with defeat switch
    * Preamp out/power amp in jacks
Price is firm - $700.00

Washburn WG587 7 string upgraded with EMG pickups & switch installed by Edwards Music in Fayetteville, no case - $300.00

Peavey 5 string Millennium, no case, needs new strings - $175.00

Peavey 4 string Fury with hardshell case...good beginners bass or for someone who likes a small neck 4 string - $100.00

Ibanez 6 string guitar with hardshell case, forget the model but its a beginners style guitar, good shape, only been used a few times - $150.00

Contact me through email at, im not on here that often so if you leave a message on here i may not get it for a while.
Prices are firm considering what the same gear is going for on ebay and music stores around NC. Email me for pix, the site wouldn\'t let me upload them for some reason or go to my facebook to see the pix -


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Bass & Guitar Gear to new home
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2011, 10:58:21 AM »
Revised Bass Amp price - $600.00