Author Topic: Established power/thrash metal band Division is looking for a bassist  (Read 1123 times)


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So everyone\'s wondering.. what the hell is someone from a band in DC doing posting on a NC metal board looking for a bassist? Some of you may remember me I posted a fair amount when I lived in Raleigh. I had to move back to the DC area, and in the process rejoined my old band Division (notice the missing "Ex" in my handle, if anyone paid that much attention :) ).

We need a bass player..

I know that some of you are originally from the DC area or know musicians up there, or drove 5 hours to shows at Jaxx (before it became "Empire" and began sucking).

Here\'s the ad we\'ve been running

"Established power/thrash metal band Division is looking for a bassist.  An aggressive attitude and you\'ll probably need at least a five string  to cover the exisiting material, as we use seven string guitars. Stage  presence and live experience are major pluses. Influences run the gamut -  Iron Maiden, Metallica, Iced Earth to Death, Nevermore, Testament,  Symphony X, Mercyful Fate. We\'re a skilled and profesisonal unit with  new material, recording and gigs awaiting the right people. Check or for more, and email for with questions or to set up an audition. "

Sex or race doesn\'t matter, we need someone that has chops.. If you fit the above and are planning to move to the DC area or you know someone up here that fits the description have them contact us.