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3D game close beta - Chaos
« on: March 27, 2015, 03:56:16 AM »
We\\\'re excited to launch a brand new Chaos Close Beta Server on 25 March @ 9:00 CST. The Close Beta test will run 7 days and all data will be wiped out afterward. As the exclusive Publisher of Chaos US version, Joybit is proud to present this epic web game to all US players

For more details, please visit our official website:


Based on the classic Dungeons & Dragons theme and western myth, \\"Chaos\\" is the very first multi-hero, 3D ARPG web game which tells a story that when the Universe Creator disappears, a fierce battle starts between the Admodian and the Protoss. After the fall of Protoss, human beings rose up and continue to fight against the Admodian.  The player is an empire soldier who has a half Admodian half Protoss power that yet to be awaken. In the game, the player will join to settle the riots of the Air Battle, to kill ferocious beast, to protect the empire from the Evil Dragon. Players could also temper themselves by join Space Battle, challenge elite instance, escort the airship, and fight in Arena, Camp Battle, Wild Area Hunting and Guild War.