Author Topic: Vocalist seeking metal/metalcore band or instruments  (Read 1570 times)


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Vocalist seeking metal/metalcore band or instruments
« on: February 14, 2015, 02:54:58 PM »
My name\\\'s Travis, I do all vocals (clean, screams, growls, etc.). I\\\'m looking to start jammin out and potentially forming a band. I have some equipment to play with including :
Shure beta 58A
Scarlett 2i2
Sonar x2
Alesia QX49 (and QX25)
Dub step destruction (wobble pulse vocalized and twist)
And all the cords to make those work.
I love music, but a short list of my inspirations for the type of music I\\\'d like to be a part of would be :
Attila, Old ADTR, Asking Alexandria, Woe Is Me, Memphis May Fire, and Secrets.
I could keep listing but that\\\'d be boring. If interested in hearing what I\\\'ve got and jammin out, hmu at 919-464-4830.